To be the first, you need to offer a unique product that will stand out against the backdrop of millions of similar offers from your competitors. The buyer will always choose the product that advantageously differs from the analogs having unusual properties, causes positive emotions and is easy to use.

“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.”

Steve Jobs


Have you met your friends or decided to go on a picnic and did not have a corkscrew for wine at hand? Now it’s not a problem anymore!  In order to open, you just need to turn the innovative cap several times, which will remove the cork from the bottle and you can enjoy your favorite wine anytime and anywhere. If necessary, the cap can screw the cork back into the bottle, so that the wine does not lose its flavor qualities.

Even a frail girl can easily cope with such a thing.



Most importantly, the use of this cap does not require the introduction of new types of cork or bottles in your production. We easily adapt the cap exactly for your bottle and your cork, which you are using at the moment, which allows preserving the originality of your wine.

The cap passed all the necessary tests on the production line and works with all types of synthetic or natural (whole, agglomerated) cork.



novelty and uniqueness of the goods;

no competitors, 100% market share;

convenience and ease of use;

a wide range of colors and design solutions;

protected from forgery by patents;

preserves all wine parameters.


“Navigator” is an innovation-production company, which has been creating and implementing new ideas for business that bring success and profit to our clients, for more than 10 years.

The ideological inspirer, engineer and heart of the company is its director, Nikolay Titarenko.

Thanks to the ideas and perseverance of this person, the company has successfully implemented a lot of innovative products in the production which are work till now.

Our solutions are simple, effective and unique, they are easily applicable for both alcoholic and non-alcoholic products.


  • Prize-winning capsule (under the cap the instant prize: money, tickets, jewelry, etc.)
  • A cap with a promotional code inside
  • Retractable cap-dispenser (extends when opening the bottle)
  • Special dispenser without a ball for whiskey, vodka, brandy, etc.
  • Promotional Tokens

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